The capital of Los Monegros is located between the Alcanadre River and the Laguna, Aragon’s second most important wetland. It is also the core of services and trade, making it the ideal place for a short holiday. In its urban area, the Plaza de El Salvador stands out with the monumental façade of the neoclassical church, the 1920s casino and the 19th century Paraled or Penén mansion.

Outside the city centre, on the other side of the Alcanadre River, the Romanesque hermitage of Santiago is one of the municipality’s most important monuments, along with the transept, the ice fountain and the surrounding botanical park, as well as a good panoramic view of the city.

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La laguna de Sariñena

The Laguna de Sariñena, declared a Nature Reserve and Special Protection Area for Birds, covers an area of 204 hectares. It is one of the ten largest lagoons in Spain. It is a privileged place for nature lovers, a paradise for bird lovers, inhabited by the largest Spanish colony of raw drums, a unique bird that is in danger of extinction. It is advisable that you start your visit at the Interpretation Centre. From there, using binoculars, you can observe the birds on the water as well as numerous birds in flight.There are two camouflaged observation points hidden in the middle of the typical vegetation (reeds, bulrushes, tamarisks) and from where you can observe the birds very well.