What is “Slow driving Aragón”?

Aragón is an area rich in minor roads that run through the most surprising and characteristic landscapes in the Autonomous Community. This initiative is born of the desire to cherish and make use of these roads, which are sometimes romantic and endearing and at other times adventurous and cultural. Enjoy the pleasure of driving at a speed that allows you to be in touch with nature, the environment and its magic. Let yourself go and switch off. Don’t go too fast or you’ll miss it.

What can I find on this website?

This website is structured to plan out 7 exciting routes: a main one that runs from North to South through Aragón and two more in each province, thus offering the whole range of landscapes to enjoy with your car, motorcycle, caravan or bicycle. You can go from canyon to canyon or touch nature with your bare hands; rest your arm on the window while driving through a desert or stop and take off your helmet at the foot of a mediaeval castle.

The routes are organised so you find your starting point near the main route and also end up there. They are almost circular, so you can choose whether to travel from north to south or vice versa. Here you will find the directions for them, as well as a small sample of what you will find in each of them so that you can organise your own itinerary according to how adventurous you feel. The most incredible and spectacular landscapes as you have never seen them before are out there waiting for you. Fill up your tank and enjoy the trip!


Slow Driving Aragón is a concept linked to the ‘slow’ philosophy so fashionable in our times. Leave the dizzying pace of everyday life behind you, switch off and relax; rediscovering places and hidden spots where you can experience true enjoyment.

In Slow Driving Aragón we’ve started with 7 routes: one main one and 6 branches. We will soon be introducing new routes for other areas in Aragon as attractive as these ones.

  • The main Aragon Kings route: This is an allegory of the successive expansion that the Kingdom of Aragon had from north to south, until it formed the current territory.
  • Castles route: Discover the most imposing castles in Aragon.
  • Secrets of the Pre-Pyrenees: Hidden jewels in the Aragonese pre-Pyrenees region among some very steep roads.
  • Heart of the Moncayo: Get to know this Aragonese colossus, its vineyards and monuments.
  • Universal Mountains route: Albarracín, the Pinares del Ródeno and the Peracense Castle are notable examples.
  • Silent Passes: Where relaxation, nature and mediaeval villages come together.
  • Origins of the Kingdom: Right in the middle of the Aragonese Pyrenees, where you’ll find nature routes and mountain villages linked to Aragonese history.

Recomendaciones para tu viaje

  • At each point, you’ll find signs suggesting places to eat or sleep, for campsites, motorhomes or petrol stations to help you with your plans.
    local_hotel local_gas_station restaurant    
  • On each route, you’ll find the total distance and time required at the average speed allowed on the roads without stopping. You’ll also find a recommendation of the best stages to do the route so you don’t miss any attraction and have all the information you need to go at your own pace.
  • Keep your travel companions in mind too when organising your route, as well as the winding nature of some of the roads.
  • You may come across some sections of asphalt forest track. These are few and usually have travellers on them on foot or with their vehicles. But be careful and, if you find them in poor condition, look for an alternative to get to the next point if you’re not sure.
  • Observe speed limits. On many roads, you can go at 90 km/h but on others you have to go at 30 km/h. Remember: the idea is to take it ‘slow’. So don’t got too fast and enjoy your drive and the scenery.
  • Find out about the weather and the state of the roads before you travel. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Spring, summer and autumn are the best seasons for travelling. Although, winter is also an attractive season, but be careful where there are mountain passes and be prepared for adverse conditions, such as ice and snow.
  • Enjoy your trip, take it easy and relax. Enjoy all the secluded spots, taste the typical gastronomy, take your time and turn your trip into a great experience.