The Jubierre Route

Jubierre is one of the most impressive areas of the Los Monegros region. Its breathtaking landscapes are the result of an intense erosion that has produced all kinds of reliefs and unique shapes and has favoured the formation of an important network of gorges.

The Jubierre route follows a central path that can be reached from two points: the A-131 road (Sariñena-Fraga), a signposted 6-kilometre route from Sariñena towards Sena, or the Castejón de Monegros road, which takes a 4-kilometre detour from this town towards Valfarta.

Along this central track, various car parks have been created to facilitate access to the five most emblematic stone monuments of Jubierre: Tozal de la Cobeta, Tozales de los Pedregales, Tozal de Colasico, Tozal Solitario, Mirador Oriental and Peña Altar.

Position on the route

Desert and Carthusian Route

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Viewpoint on Jubierre

From Pallaruelo de Monegros we can reach a privileged high vantage point over Jubierre, an area of geological interest, with its mythical plains and torrollones. It is the most beautiful erosive landscape in the Ebro Valley because of its unique sandstone and clay layers that have been whimsically eroded and are therefore a natural consequence of many layers.