Jaca is the capital of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Its history was the first city of Aragon, its location and its demographic importance make it an important service centre and a first-rate tourist capital. Its cathedral is one of the most important monuments of the peninsular Romanesque, as much for its antiquity as for the stylistic changes that were exported from there to the rest of the Spanish Romanesque. Its diocesan museum is one of the best in the world in terms of medieval painting.

La Ciudadela, a magnificent pentagonal military fortification, is the most emblematic building in Jaca. The main road of the city is the Calle Mayor, a road that brings together some of the main buildings, such as the beautiful town hall. In the rest of the street many houses of the bourgeoisie of the early 20th century were constructed. Other significant buildings such as the Monastery of Las Benedictines, the Fortress of Rapitán or the Clock Tower, demonstrate the confluence of styles in the town. But Jaca is much more. Strolling through its streets brimming with commercial life, rewarding yourself with the exquisite pastries from Jaca or tasting its gastronomic delights in its many bars and restaurants is a real delight.

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Jaca gastronomy

The cuisine in Jaca is closely linked to traditional cuisine and flavoured, in many cases, with the most innovative trends. In its numerous restaurants, located mostly in the old town, there are exclusive and attractive dishes that perfectly combine the past with modernity. One of the most exquisite specialities is the confectionery, considered an artisan tradition: jaqueses, condes, lazos, coronitas de Santa Orosia ... that can be tasted in any of the city patisseries. And at noon or at dusk, take a break along the way for a glass of wine and some exquisite tapas in any of its many bars.