Villarluengo is located in the center of the remote and rugged region of Maestrazgo. The town fortifications were located in the upper part of this site, and a gate and several sections of wall can still be seen today. The Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church is the most noteworthy building for both its size and the two towers that flank the façade. It was built in the Neoclassic style in the 19th century. The Guild Hall, which dates from the 16th century, located opposite, is attached to the former butcher’s shop. The Casa de los Beneytos is located nearby; this is one of many houses that mark the village, as well as those of the Temprados and the Garriga. There are also many interesting buildings in the municipality, such as the large San Bartolomé chapel and the Nuestra Señora de Monte Santo convent, of which only ruins remain today. Other unique constructions include fortified farmhouses like the Torre Gorgue and the Torre Montes Santo.

Nearby, the Pitarque river passes through the town of the same name; this crystal-clear river has its source here, bubbling up through the rock through two ‘eyes’, also known as a karst spring. The river has carved a massive vertical-walled canyon over the years that today alternates deep pools of clear water and small waterfalls. The calcareous rock cliffs, the power of the water and the lush vegetation create a beautiful display of strength and color that is worth a visit in this beautiful wild corner of the Maestrazgo.

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