Viacamp and the Mont-Falcó – footbridges

The Camino Natural de Montfalcó Route to the Congosto de Mont-Rebei Gorge and its famous footbridges is one of the most impressive and innovative in Aragón and even Spain. These is a fascinating route between gorges with high rock faces, vantage points with impressive views and reservoirs with greenish water crossed by suspension bridges.


From the small village of Viacamp, we start on a dirt road, suitable for all vehicles, that, following a 15-kilometre journey of some 30 minutes, takes us to the Montfalcó Hostel, where the car can be parked.  This is where a trail begins, taking us in about two hours to a series of steps and footbridges built in the rock that will lead us along a fascinating route to the Congosto de Mont-Rebei Gorge, which is already on Catalan soil.

Position on the route

Unusual Pre-Pyrenees Route

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La Ruta de las Pasarelas de Mont Falcó

This excursion through the Congosto de Mont-Rebei gorge and the Pasarelas de Mont Falcó footbridges is a fascinating route between gorges with high, vertical rock faces, viewpoints with impressive views, reservoirs with waters in shades of green that are crossed by suspension bridges, rock spurs and via ferratas that perfectly integrate man and nature. It is a route full of surprises where the Noguera Ribagorzana river forms the natural border between Aragon and Catalonia and creates the Congosto de Mont-Rebei gorge through the Montesec rock barrier. The gorge is 2 kilometres long, with rock faces measuring over 500 metres in height, and offers unsurpassable views of the mountains. The route can be started at two different points: either from Aragon, at the Albergue de Montfalcó hostel as described here, or from Catalonia (near the village of Puente de Montañana).