Tramacastilla de Tena

At an altitude of 1,224 metres, on a sunny slope that dominates the valley floor, this beautiful village lies in a landscape of exceptional beauty, hidden among pine hills, oak groves and meadows. On the horizon, as a background, one sees the haughty and rugged Peña Telera and Peña Blanca, and at their feet, the Búbal reservoir.


The folk architecture includes stone facades with coats of arms and windows decorated with flowers. There are also numerous balconies and, above all, the fountain and the old village laundry stand out.


The most outstanding building is the San Martín church. Originally a twelfth-century Romanesque temple, it was strongly reformed in the seventeenth century. The main altar is dominated by an outstanding Renaissance altarpiece from the 16th century.

Tramacastilla is a magnificent place for hiking. A good option is to walk through the Betato forest (one of the region’s most attractive forests) to the nearby Piedrafita de Jaca, ascend to the Ibón de Tramacastilla lake, practise water sports in the Búbal reservoir or cross-country skiing at the nearby Partacua ski resort.


In summer it is possible to make a beautiful excursion with the “Tena Valley Tourist Train“, which will reveal the incomparable landscape of the surroundings for about two hours.

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