Sádaba is a town of undoubted medieval flavour that sits on the plains of Cinco Villas. It is impossible to confuse the profile of the town, thanks to its magnificent castle, one of the most monumental and representative of its period in Aragon. Dating back to the 13th century, this monument, which is both modest and at the same time majestic, stands on a mound overlooking the village.

A walk through the old town will allow us to discover the remains of its medieval wall, the interweaving of its streets, the sobriety of its buildings and the beauty of some noble houses. The other main monument of the town is the elegant church of Santa María, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture in Aragon. To the outside, a beautiful tower of a modest and elegant Gothic style completes the collection.

In its municipal area, Sádaba conserves two important remains from the Romanesque period: the façade of the mausoleum of Los Atilios, from the 2nd century AD and the remains of the mausoleum of the “Synagogue” from the 4th century AD. In the surroundings, the church of Puylampa presents a beautiful Romanesque façade.

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Roman site of Los Bañales

Los Bañales is the most important Roman archaeological site in the Cinco Villas region and one of the most remarkable in Aragon; it has an intense Roman presence. The settlement dates from the 1st to the 4th centuries AD, and is located very close to Sádaba (although it belongs to the municipality of Uncastillo). There are guided tours by volunteers who are part of the scientific team working on the site, where you will find out about the power of this Roman city with its forum, baths (the best of its kind in Aragon), housing and its sensational conserved aqueduct with its 32 large, unequal ashlar pillars.