Murillo de Gállego

The town of Murillo de Gállego is framed in a spectacular setting with the imposing Mallos de Riglos in the background, Peña Rueba behind, and the wild River Gállego at its feet.

Murillo presents a charming urban centre formed by an irregular network of streets that have adapted perfectly to the morphology of the land. Housing is mainly stone and rammed earth that are in keeping with the typical architecture of the area. The monumental church of El Salvador stands majestically above the town. Declared a National Monument, it is one of the icons of Aragonese Romanesque art that dominated the area in the 11th and 12th centuries. Inside, the crypt of Santo Cristo is a highlight, consisting of three naves. The importance of this crypt is that it is one of the eight that exist of this type in the Peninsula. Murillo offers a different tourism alternative and one that is in harmony with nature: adventure sports, excursions, hidden corners where you can unwind…

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Mallos de Agüero

The Mallos de Riglos, Agüero and Peña Rueba are distributed in three municipalities: Peñas de Riglos, Agüero, and Murillo de Gállego. The Mallos are formations consisting of impressive piles of reddish rock due to the predominance of clays and iron minerals in their composition. These conglomerates have been remodelled by water and wind for millions of years to form incredible vertical walls of 300 m in height, constituting a unique phenomenon in Europe. About 500 m from the town of Agüero, with its fantastic "Mallos", is the church of Santiago, which stands majestically. It is an impressive Romanesque temple declared a Site of Cultural Interest. Its façade is magnificent, in which the embossment of the Epiphany in the tympanum is observed. The contemplation of its beautiful capitals, where fights of knights, monsters, dragons, harpies, dancers and musicians appear, will make us immerse ourselves in a "mysterious" medieval world. It is a jewel of Romanesque in Aragon.