In the middle of the transition to the Maestrazgo Mountains, Ejulve lies on a hill at the foot of the Sierra Majalinos near the Guadalopillo River. The town is characterized by a paradisiacal nature: steep slopes and rocky cliffs, underground landscapes with caves and ravines, numerous fountains or imposing monumental trees that overlook the town.

The winding streets lead up and down the slope crowned by the Santa María la Mayor church. The building was built in the 16th century in the transition from Gothic to Renaissance. Another emblematic building is the Town Hall, a beautiful 16th-century building supported by a four-arched gallery. There are also good examples of folk architecture and sober and elegant town houses such as the Casa Felicitas House, the Old Hospital or the Old Posada de la Plaza Hostel.

The area known as “Masías de Ejulve” in the south of the municipality, allows you to get to know the scattered habitat of the farmhouses in Teruel and to gain access to a valuable natural, cultural and historical heritage via ancient, perfectly signposted paths.

Thanks to the beauty of the village, its natural surroundings and, above all, its characteristic farmhouses, Ejulve is one of the municipalities that are part of the Maestrazgo Cultural Park.

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The Route of the Magic Corners of Teruel

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Source of the Pitarque River

About 25 km south of Ejulve, hidden in the mountains, lies the small village Pitarque. The river of the same name flows here, a living river with crystal clear water, which springs from the same rock through two "ojos" or karst springs, from which the so-called "spring of the Pitarque river" emerges. In the streets of the village we find the first signs that show the way. A well-signposted path that passes through the same village and is 10 km long (roundtrip) Along the path, the river has created a gorge with large vertical walls, in which deep basins alternate with transparent water and small waterfalls. The calcareous cliffs, the power of the water and the vegetation form a beautiful spectacle full of power and colour, a path of great beauty through a unique environment worth seeing in this beautiful wild corner of the Maestrazgo.